Driven Sports Inc., the manufacturer of the popular body building supplement Craze, revealed in a statement on Tuesday that they have suspended all production and sales of the product, USA Today reported.

The move comes one day after scientists published a report in the journal Drug Testing and Analysis, in which they claimed to have found a methamphetamine-like chemical in Craze samples.  The researchers warned that not much is known about the effects of the substance, N,alpha-DEPEA, and that Craze does not disclose the ingredient on its label for the product.

According to Driven Sports, production of the supplement was actually halted months ago.  However, they argue that the study’s accusations are baseless and they may have made mistakes during their tests.

“Driven Sports, the manufacturer of Craze®, has extensively studied and analyzed Craze with the assistance of a DEA registered laboratory, and those studies have consistently indicated that Craze does not contain amphetamines or controlled substances,” the company wrote in its statement. “…Despite these results and the extensive nature of these studies, Driven Sports suspended the production and sale of Craze several months ago while it investigated the reports in the media regarding the safety of Craze.”

Driven Sports claims that their own independent studies have found that Craze “did not induce any harmful effects on clinical laboratory parameters and that there were no adverse events reported.”

Despite this statement, the authors of the Drug Testing and Analysis report are not backing down on their research.

"We stand 100 percent behind our results," the research team told USA Today.

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