A Turkish man is in critical condition after biting into a loaf of bread that contained a razor blade, Central European News (CEN) reported.

Osman Sariboga, 36, bought the bread from a local baker in Kocaeli, in Western Turkey, and later ate it with some chicken. When he put the food in his mouth, blood began spurting from his mouth.

“He began coughing up blood and wheezing, and then he just collapsed,” his wife, Dilek Sariboga, 30, told CEN. “I immediately ran for an ambulance and told them he had swallowed a chicken bone. I couldn’t believe it when they later pulled out a razor blade.”

Dilek Sariboga is now suing the bakery, whose employees say they’ve disbanded the use of razors in favor of plastic knives for scoring bread. A local council has ordered other bakeries to do the same and is providing free plastic alternatives.

A spokesman for the hospital where Sariboga was taken, which wasn’t named, said surgeons recovered the razor blade but that it has damaged the man’s heart.

“It is lucky his wife was with him at the time, as had he been alone, he would most certainly be dead,” the spokesman said.