A 68-year-old Florida man with stage 4 lung cancer is training for a 2,600 mile hike from the Mexican border all the way to Canada, MyFoxOrlando.com reported.

John Casterline has not only been fighting lung cancer for almost five years, but in the past few months he was also diagnosed with two other types.

"The fact that I'm still alive, I'm in a very small elite group that lasted this long, it has been 4-and-a-half years. I've developed two more cancers. In November, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, had my prostate removed and then in December I was diagnosed with throat cancer," he said.

Casterline, a retired Naval flight officer, plans to make the more than four month trip this summer to raise money for the American Lung Association.

"It's what's called my next big adventure," he said.

The backpack Casterline will carry weighs 34 pounds and will have food, drink and a sleeping bag. He hopes his journey will help inspire other cancer survivors.

"You don't need to sit by and let it happen to you, you can get out and do something about it. You can fight it which I certainly did," he said.

You can follow John’s story on his blog at www.lungcancerhike.org.

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