The husband of an Oklahoma woman who died Friday says his wife died from necrotizing fasciitis— the flesh-eating disease, reported KJRH.

Leona Dierker, 49, underwent a cosmetic procedure Wednesday. The next evening, her husband, Bill, said  he took her to the emergency room when the skin on her lower body gained a purple tint, and doctors removed tissue down to the muscle.

“She was just in tears from the pain and pleading me to do something about the pain,” Bill told KJRH. “I never told her bye because I thought she was coming back.”

Necrotizing fasciitis is a rapidly progressing infection that destroys all tissue, including all skin and fat.

The surgeon, whose name has not been released, told KJRH, “I’m aware of the case, but can’t discuss any specifics. My hands are tied due to health care laws.”

Bill has requested that medical examiners perform an autopsy.

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