Long-lasting cleaner creates germ barrier

There are thousands of products out there claiming to kill germs – but once you spray, or wipe an area, it can become contaminated within seconds.

Nate Richardson, one of the founders of MonoFoil, said his products leave a barrier on the surface you are cleaning – so it stays cleaner longer.

“We started out in textiles, (thinking) what if the uniform was a barrier for the soldier?,” Richardson, who was formerly in the military, told FoxNews.com. “If it could work for them, it could prevent blood-borne infections and keep them in the field longer.”

That’s how Richardson and his partners eventually came up with the idea for MonoFoil. Compared to other types of products, it eliminates germs for an extended period of time – sometimes even up to several months after.

“What we use is … a molecule that physically bonds to that surface,” Richardson said. “Once it’s applied, it becomes a part of the surface.  They don’t contain harsh chemicals, and they are environmentally friendly.”

Richardson added, “It works for you when you are not working.”

Richardson said one university in Indiana was having a continual problem with staph infections, so the company did a fogging system on their locker rooms, bathrooms and training rooms. After two years, the university reported zero staph infections.

“The germ cannot adapt to (the surface), because (the product) is creating a physical action, not a chemical action,” Richardson added.

He said Walt Disney World uses their products, especially on outdoor surfaces, and the company has reported they are able to go months at a time without cleaning – thus reducing cost in labor and overall chemical usage.

To learn more about Richardson’s products, visit MonoFoilClean.com.