Life is not fair

Seriously, what do I have to do to get a break?  A long-awaited trip to take my daughter to school in London last week was a complete and utter disaster.

In January, my goal (as well as my doctor's) was to get me stable enough on a chemo to enable me to take a 10-day break and travel with my daughter to help her set up her dorm room and get settled in for a semester studying abroad.  I had one dose of Eribulin on July 2. The side effect was a very raw, sore throat, but by July 9, I felt better.  My white count was perfect, and my doctor gave me the green light to take the trip.

Madeline and I were so excited as we took off from Los Angeles at 8pm on July 10. By the time we got to the hotel in London, I was feeling a little funky, so I laid down in my black sweatsuit to take a nap. I woke up 12 hours later with my entire mouth on fire, filled with gaping canker sores, a temperature of 101, and I could barely swallow. Imagine my horror. I had had this condition last October, so I had brought with me my gargle/numbing medication.

Madeline was bright-eyed and ready to get to her dorm, receive her key and start moving in. There was no way I could move, so I told her to take a cab to the dorm, drop off her bags, get the key and get started, assuring her I would be fine and join her in a couple of hours. Without getting into all the details, suffice it to say I was a no show for one of the most exciting days in my daughter's life.

I had landed in London on Wednesday afternoon, spent Friday in a U.K. hospital receiving hydration by IV and was back in Los Angeles on Saturday, wearing the same black sweat suit I wore when I left (being too sick to even change my clothes).  I never saw my daughter’s school or her dorm room, I never even opened my suitcase.  I returned to Los Angeles in a wheel chair, met by my husband and son.

Now, I ask you, what have I ever done in this life to deserve this?   I know what you're thinking: Life is not fair!  I know that.  But, can't I please get a little break?