Last week I had my first chemotherapy round in four weeks.  I went in full of hope and positive energy, having convinced myself I would not feel side effects this time.  This round of chemo was going to be different, because this time, I know for a fact the chemo is working.

My last scan showed a 75 percent reduction in my tumors.  I had my treatment and felt great the rest of the day.  Mind over matter.  Except that, in reality, chemo is the pits.  The following day I felt terrible (headache, bone pain, general fatigue).  In tears, I went to see the acupuncturist with the hope of gaining some relief.

Acupuncture did help me feel better, and so did something else:  Laughing.

Those of you who have been reading my column over the years know that I believe laughter is one of the best medicines around.  Humor has a profound effect on our health. Surrounding yourself with people who have a great sense of humor not only makes life more fun, but it also releases the stress that we all experience on a daily basis.

When I returned from the acupuncturist, I went to the Noreen Fraser Foundation website and watched some of the hilarious Mother's Day E-cards created by my comedian friends.  I couldn't stop laughing.  I must have watched Will Ferrell and Sarah Silverman's cards 10 times each.  You should check them out, and send an E-card to your mom, aunt, sister, friend – to anyone who could use a laugh.

The E-cards are not only fun, but they deliver a powerful message about the importance of early detection.  Even though we are constantly talking about the importance of mammograms, pap smears and other modes of detection, many women are still not getting tested as they should.   Women don't want to be bothered with these screenings, but they can save your life.

Click here to send a free E-Card from Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Zach Galifianakis, Neil Patrick Harris, Amy Poehler, Sarah Silverman, Jason Segel and more.  The message of early detection is the best message you can send to the women you love. Early detection is the best protection!

I wish you all a very happy Mother's Day - one filled with family, laughter and most of all, good health.