Kidney Donor Mom Put Back on Salary After Losing Job

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A Philadelphia mother who was fired after she took time off work to donate a kidney to her son was back on her full salary Wednesday after an apparent change of heart by her employer.

Claudia Rendon's employers, the Aviation Institute of Maintenance, northeast Philadelphia, said it had made a mistake and would pay Rendon her full salary until another position opened up at the company, reported.

Rendon donated a kidney to her son Alex after his kidneys failed and doctors told her he needed a lifesaving transplant.

As she had already used up her vacation time earlier in the year looking after her terminally-ill mother she was forced to take a leave of absence for the kidney donation and her position was filled a week before she was due to return to work.

But her former boss Kyle Berry said, "We had time to reconsider. It was simply a mistake."

He said Rendon would be paid her full salary until a position opened or until she could reapply to her old position. Berry admitted, however, that the deal was not the same as giving her the job back.

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