A Kentucky jury threw out a $16 million damages claim Wednesday against a doctor who was accused of amputating part of a man's penis without his permission, The Louisville Courier-Journal reported.

Phillip Seaton, 64, went under the knife in 2007 for what he expected would be a routine circumcision.

But when Dr. John Patterson found what he insisted was a rare form of cancer he decided to cut off part of Seaton's organ immediately in an effort to save him, Shelby County Circuit Court heard.

"I pulled the dressing down, and I didn't see nothing," Seaton had said while testifying about the moment he learned of the amputation.

Jurors were told Wednesday by another urologist that had Patterson taken the time to consult with Seaton and his wife Deborah, the potentially-deadly cancer would have had time to spread.

But a doctor who testified on behalf of the Seatons had argued Tuesday it was not an emergency and that removing a man's penis was "psychologically debilitating," The Courier-Journal said.

The couple had sought massive damages for "loss of service, love and affection."

But the six-man, six-woman, jury decided Seaton should get no money in the lawsuit, the newspaper added.

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