An unlicensed cosmetologist was found guilty by a New York jury Thursday of criminally negligent homicide in the March 2009 death of one of her patients who was getting silicone injections in her buttocks and thigh.

The family of Elsa Then, 58, cried as the jury read the guilty verdict that could send her to jail for up to four years.

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Then was arrested one month after she injected the gel-like substance into Fiordaliza Pichardo, 43, at her home in the Bruckner section of the Bronx. The next day Pichardo was admitted to a hospital where she went into cardiac arrest and died.

Pichardo’s daughter, Marinez Rodriguez had testified, “She was injecting my mother and my mother was in pain. She used a piece of Bounty paper with Crazy Glue to seal the injection site, and she actually asked me to help.”

Then will be sentenced on Dec. 12.

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