Is chemically enhanced pork making us sick?

Stop messing with our food!

Pork chop and ground-pork samples taken from U.S. suppliers have been found to contain significant amounts of harmful and antibiotic-resistant bacteria and growth hormones, which are used to bulk up the pigs, according to a Consumer Reports analysis.

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If we keep altering our food supply, in order to make picture-perfect products, we’re going to end up in big trouble. This idea that meat has to be the perfect color, while remaining lean and tender so that consumers will buy more if it, is a dangerous trend.

Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, the way nature has provided our food is the way it should be eaten – even if it isn’t pretty – obviously with the exception preparing it for safe consumption. As Americans we are obsessed with our looks, and it seems to carry over into the American food industry, with the government largely turning a blind eye to enforcing rules and regulations – which is just plain dumb.

The world is overwhelmed with autoimmune diseases, exposure to pesticides and hormone-laden products that are wreaking havoc on our children’s endocrine systems. And certainly, we’re losing the war on infectious diseases.

The sad thing is, that despite the fact that we talk about this, it has not caught on yet in the minds of consumers. Until we demand that changes be made to clean up our food supply, we will continue to eat ourselves to death.