A Michigan mom has shared a recording of her daughter giving herself a pep talk in front of the mirror, and the video of the enthusiastic young girl has begun going viral on Facebook.

“I’m cute! I’m cute!” Audrey Brackins, of Mount Pleasant, says over and over in the video as she keeps her hands placed on her hips, and shifts side to side in front of a floor-length mirror. Audrey, who is clad in black leggings, an animal-print T-shirt, and a black bow in her ponytail, pauses in her pep talk only to examine a small bow on her shirt, made to match the one in her hair, and to answer her mom’s questions.

“Do you like your outfit?” Jamie Rabaut, Audrey’s mother, asks in the video. “It’s a bow; it matches your hair bow. Do you like it?”

Audrey doesn’t answer but instead continues her self-pep talk, exclaiming, “I’m cute! I’m cute!” repeatedly until later she adds “beautiful” and “smart” to the list. “I’m cute and beautiful and smart!” she gushes, with increasing speed.

“And perfect,” Jamie says.

“And perfect!” Audrey replies.

Since posting the video on Tuesday, as of the following Monday morning, more than 24,000 people had viewed it and more than 550 people had shared it.

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“Thanks to everyone who shared this you're all making my day so much better! I love that Audrey can make so many people smile like she does for me [every day],” Jamie posted on Facebook mere hours after the post began going viral.

On Wednesday, Jamie further expressed her gratitude and intention of sharing the video.

“I am blown away by the response and I'm just so happy to see how many people she's made smile and even the awareness she's brought to having confidence in ourselves and loving ourselves,” Jamie wrote in the post. “If you've never met Audrey, she really is the sweetest thing. She compliments people everywhere she goes. It's always ‘Excuse me, I like your dress’ ‘Your bracelet is SO pretty’ ‘Excuse me ma'am, you're (sic) hair is beautiful’ She radiates love and positivity and I love that that also reflects upon how she feels about herself. I am a better person just for having her in my life.”