An Illinois woman’s creative pregnancy announcement is tugging at heartstrings across the nation for its honest illustration of what it took the new mom to conceive.

Macy Rodeffer underwent numerous rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and took fertility pills to try to get pregnant after suffering from a miscarriage in 2012, Inquisitr.com reported. In an Instagram photo posted a month ago, she arranged the empty pill bottles and syringes in the shape of a heart, and positioned a photo of her latest sonogram and a onesie with the words “Worth the wait and wait and wait” inside. Media have since caught wind of the post, which has racked up hundreds of likes.

The Inquisitr reported that Rodeffer had struggled to conceive due to stage 4 endometriosis and a large cyst on her left ovary, while her husband, Tyler, had male factor infertility.

Multiple IVF cycles eventually led the Rodeffers to conceive in January 2016. The soon-to-be mom decided to announce her pregnancy in a nontraditional way that would offer support and empathy for other mothers struggling with infertility. She was inspired by a similar photo that went viral in 2015.

“I was adamant that my announcement not only show my joy and thankfulness, but also the struggle that it took to get there,” she said, according to the Inquisitr. “I wanted to acknowledge the struggle that anyone dealing with infertility goes through.”

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