Husband doesn't leave sick wife's side, even in isolation

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A picture a girl took of the back of her father's head has gone viral as it captures a moment that has brought some to tears. John Newman, 45, has been married to 49-year-old Marci Newman for almost 18 years, and he's taking quite seriously his vow to be there for her "in sickness and in health," reports CBS News.

Since they learned in October that she had thyroid cancer, he has helped her through the many appointments, treatments, and surgeries that followed. But it was a simple photo their daughter Mackenna posted to Twitter on April 14 that has captured so many hearts.

"My mom has to stay in her room in isolation for her cancer radiation so my dad set up a desk at her door to keep her company and I'm crying," she writes below a photo of her father.

It shows him sitting at a small desk as he peers through an opening into the room where her mother is in isolation. It's been shared 10,000 times and liked more than 13,000 times.

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Mackenna explains to CBS that after having radioactive iodine treatment her mom had to sequester herself for five days so as not to expose others to radiation.

She says her dad initially sat in the backyard and spoke to his wife through a window, and moved inside for her two final solo days.

"The amount of love I've received is crazy and I didn't expect any of it, but I'm so grateful," Mackenna tells BuzzFeed. As for what her father is doing, she says it's just "how our family is; we take care of each other." (See how this man paid for his wife's medical bills.)

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