If you find yourself drinking more than you planned at a holiday party, one expert has some tips to avoid a nasty hangover.

We spoke to Jonathan Pogash, hospitality holdings director of cocktail development at the World Bar in New York City, who gave us the 411 on how have a good time without paying for it the next day.

Pogash said there are certain drinks you should avoid if you want to decrease your chances of a bad hangover.

“One would be a Long Island Iced Tea,” Pogash said. “It has too many different liquors, a lot of sugar and cheap liquor. You definitely want to avoid all that.”

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So what should you drink – besides a lot of water?

Stick to fresh ingredients that don’t contain too much sugar, Pogash recommended, and always skip the cheap stuff. If you are going to drink, opt for high-end products.

Also, try to drink cocktails that are high in antioxidants, like cranberries or pomegranates.

Pogash said sometimes adding an egg white to a drink, like in a pomegranate fizz, can be a good idea because the egg adds protein to the drink while making it frothy.

Check out cocktailguru.com for more ideas from Pogash.