How Old Is Your Food?

Sometimes we don't realize that whether or not we purchase certain foods we eat should depend on their age. The age of the foods you eat could have an effect on how well it keeps you healthy and how many nutrients it contains. The following article will tell you the ideal "age" for some of the foods you eat.

Chicken:Although capons are mostly white meat, they are high in fat. Poussin/spring chicken, the smaller one of the group has very little fat. A poussin is a very young chicken, and it has a very delicate flavor and little fat at 4-6 weeks old (5 grams). A capon is 8 months old and contains 17 grams of fat.

Coffee Beans:Dark roast means that the coffee bean has been roasted to a higher temperature and typically for a longer period of time. This causes all of the flavor molecules stored within the coffee beans to be burnt away. By roasting so dark, you can't tell whether it's a good bean or a bad bean because all the natural flavors have been turned to charcoal.

Onions: Cornell University scientists tested 10 different onion varieties for phenolic and flavonoid content. Shallots, known as the baby of onions, ranked highest in antioxidant levels. Shallots had the greatest effect against liver cancer cell growth. They have the most phenols, six times the amount found in Vidalia onion.

Carrots:Baby carrots are not young carrots, but rather small pieces of carrots that are chopped and whittled down to look like small carrots. They are peeled, and washed, and insanely convenient. Unfortunately, baby carrots are often made by manufacturers who chemically remove the skin, which leaves them with 30 percent less beta carotene then a regular full grown carrot. Their normal lofty level of beta carotene heals sun-damaged skin and is great for encouraging a lovely complexion, since it promotes circulation and hydration. The root vegetable works as an antiseptic, useful in treating breakouts.

Bananas:Green bananas have more starch which is broken down to sugar during ripening. Therefore waiting until bananas turn yellow, you will not only reap the most health benefits, but enjoy the rich sweet taste as well. Bananas are loaded with potassium and vitamin B6 acts as a natural diuretic which helps to prevent bloating.

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