Hospital Incorporates Music, Movies During MRIs

A valley medical center is taking some of the anxiety and fear out of getting treatment at the hospital.

It’s unveiled high-tech equipment to help children and teens feel more at home.

Maricopa Medical Center is helping kids cope with hospital treatments using state-of-the-art technology.

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For those who have to get an MRI, it can be a scary, stressful situation. The center is hoping to change that, by providing "a distractive element during something where they have to remain still for a long period of time,” said Lori Lesueur from Maricopa Medical Center.

To make kids feel more comfortable, the hospital has become the first in the county to provide cinema vision goggles for MRIs.

“They have a chance to watch their favorite video, to listen to their favorite music,” Lesueur said.

Families can bring in DVDs, CDs and iPods and connect them to the machine to put their minds at ease.

“There also is a little camera that's right by the technicians, so that they can visually see the technician in the corner of the goggles and talk with them if they’re feeling anxious scared nervous, they need just a little additional support.,” Lesueur said.

Tango Therapy

The hospital also has a high-tech machine to help doctors and nurses find veins, as well as a machine that helps provide a relaxing environment.

“So with our vectra machine, it’s a good calming focus for a child who has to be sitting in position for a certain procedure or if the child has to be on bed rest for a long period of time,” said Lesueur. “It has a nice bubble tube we can do aromatherapy scents on it, we can put in a favorite music station or they can bring in their favorite CD and play that.”

Kids can also use the controls to change the lights and the flow of bubbles. The hospital bought the equipment with donations from a fundraising gala.

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