Whether at the park, on the beach or in your own backyard, a family picnic is a great way to spend time together while bonding over delicious food and fun activities. Unfortunately, traditional picnic foods, like dips and mayonnaise-based salads, can wreak havoc on anyone's health. With a little modification, you can enjoy a picnic without compromising your waistline and while keeping your family happy and healthy!

Colorful Crisp Produce:

Powerful Protein:

Say cheese! An ounce or two of low-fat cheese adds bold and tasty flavors to any sandwich, cracker or salad. Low-fat or fat-free yogurts make a yummy fruit dip, a savory veggie dip or just a plain old snack. If you're bringing a grill, store lean chopped turkey, lean steaks and chicken at a safe temperature in a cooler. When grilling, avoid food poisoning or dangerous situations by making sure you follow instructions on how to properly clean, grill, and serve these meats.

Hearty Whole-Grains:

Delectable Desserts:

Best Beverages:

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