Omega-3 fatty acids, typically found in plants and fish, are heart healthy and good for brain function.

And now, you can get a serving of omega-3 in your hamburger, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

A Kansas State University researcher found that by feeding cattle flaxseed, you can increase the amount of “A-L-A” omega-3 fatty acids in the resulting beef, and developed ‘the healthy hamburger,’ which is available in Buffalo, N.Y., retailers. It will soon be distributed nationwide, according to a news release.

A-L-A is usually found in flaxseed and walnuts, and it’s also been proven to aid in heart health.

A typical burger has little or no omega-3 fatty acids, compared to this new burger, which can provide as many as 350 milligrams per quarter pound.

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Registered dietitian Amy Jamieson-Petonic of the Cleveland Clinic said while the burger is a good alternative for people who don't love fish, "we're recommending 1,000 milligrams of D-H-A and E-P-A from your diet or a supplement every day.”

Researchers at Kansas State said the burger tastes the same as your average beef burger.