A Massachusetts police department thanked a group of teens who helped a 5-year-old boy with autism find his way to safety after he was separated from his mother while hiking in the woods.

“Chief Burks and the Hudson Police Department would like to thank a group of young men who located a five year old boy who was lost in the woods of Danforth Lot today,” the Hudson Massachusetts Police Department wrote on Facebook on April 19. “The group was out playing in the woods when they came across the child, knowing a child this young shouldn’t be in the woods alone, they ask if he was lost or needed help.”

The department had already called in police dogs and requested the aid of a helicopter for their search on Wednesday. The unidentified boy was dazed and soaked after falling in water when the boys found him.


“When the child confirmed he was indeed lost the group took it upon themselves to stop enjoying their day and assist the lost child,” the post read. “As the Hudson Police received the call of a child with autism lost in the woods and were arriving on the scene, these young men were walking child out to safety. Thanks to these find young men for noticing something wasn’t right and then stepping up to help. GREAT JOB! #greatkids.”

The post, which was accompanied by a photo of the day’s heroes, has been liked more than 2,700 times since being shared. One of the commenters identified herself as the young boy’s mom and thanked the boys again.

“That was my son,” Emily Arsenault posted. “Thank you guys so much, I can’t express the relief I felt hearing someone helped him out.”

In response to Arsenault’s comment, another Facebook user identified herself as one of the rescuer’s moms and reached out.

“Glad your son is fae my son was one of the kids that helped,” Denise M Petterson Stephenson wrote, along with a smiley face.