A North Texas golfer had a close call when he was impaled with the sharp end of a broken putter during a fight on a golf course, authorities said.

The Tarrant County Sheriff's Department said two groups of golfers at Resort on Eagle Mountain Lake, in Fort Worth, were involved in an altercation near the 13th hole on Jan 27.

Spokesman Terry Grisham said a group of four men were playing in front of a group of three. When the smaller group asked if they could play through, a fight started between at least two of the men.

"All seven men were at least witnesses, if not participants, and during the altercation a golf club was broken and the shaft end of the golf club became impaled into the groin area of one of the men," Grisham said.

The puncture ruptured the man's femoral artery and he lost a lot of blood.

"This guy is bleeding profusely. He just passed out. You need to get somebody out here now," one of the golfers said during a 911 call. "We're holding his artery with our hands, man. This guy's gonna go under."

But investigators said there is still some question as to whether the man was stabbed by someone else or whether he just fell on the club, as a caller initially told the 911 dispatcher.

The injured man is now reportedly out of the hospital and recovering. No one from his family wanted to comment.

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