Giving men the support they need

There's been an interesting trend that has evolved from the writing of this blog.

I receive more comments from men than I do from women.  What the men generally express is that the honesty with which I write helps them to understand what their spouse was going through, in living with and dying from cancer.

One gentleman in particular wrote, "I wish my wife and I could have had an open and honest dialogue about what each one of us was feeling. I never really expressed my feelings, nor did my wife.  We would just hold hands.  When you express what you're going through, I know now that my wife was feeling the same way.”

This makes me think that there is a need for a support group for men only, who have lost their spouse to breast, ovarian or any women's cancer.  It could also include men who are going through this with their wives right now.  I believe it would be easier for men to share with other men, and it may be better for them if their wives’ cancer diagnoses are the same.  Breast cancer is the largest group, but we could make room for other diagnoses, as long as it is cancer.

What do you think? Should I put the time and effort into organizing groups for men?
Would this be something you would consider trying?  My husband joined a group when I was first diagnosed, and he found it helpful. It was made up of men and women and addressed all forms of cancer.  He loves to talk, so having women in the group was not a negative for him, but I believe that most men would prefer a group of all men.

Please let me know what you think.