Girl who sang with Carlos Vives gets flash mob celebration during cancer recovery

MIAMI - A South Florida girl celebrating a medical milestone in her fight against cancer was greeted by a flash mob frenzy outside her hospital.

Dozens of people came together and broke out in dance outside Holtz Children's Hospital at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center, all to honor 5-year-old Salma. "It's a message of love, it's a message of hope," said Kalen Richani, the girl's father. "I prepared that with the help of all of these beautiful people, and ... now I can send a message to my daughter and to everyone that with God, family, friends and faith, miracles happen."

In March of 2014, Salma and her family traveled to South Florida from Venezuela for vacation. During the trip, Salma, then just 4 years old, complained of severe back pain and leg problems.

Her parents brought her to the hospital, where they learned she was suffering from neuroblastoma, a rare type of cancer that affects the nervous system in young children.

"She's been fighting for 14 months, for 24 admissions, surgery, chemotherapy, transplant, stem cells transplant, immunotherapy," said Richani.

During her health struggle, Salma got some star support from Colombian superstar Carlos Vives. After hearing of her plight and that her favorite song is "Volvi a Nacer" ("I am Reborn Again"), he invited her to a concert, then invited her to the stage to join him for a duet.

Salma's caretakers at the hospital said, with all the love and support she received, she came through her treatments like a champ. "This is so Salma; from the minute I met her, I knew she was a really incredible little girl," said nurse Elizabeth Carroll.

Now Salma and her family have something to sing about, but they're letting the flash mob do the honors.

"We wanted to be here to celebrate Salma. We were so happy she is finally done with her treatment," said participant Claudia Osorio.

Many of the people who danced for Salma had never met her before, but they indicated they're proud of the little girl and feel honored they got to celebrate her medical milestone.

"I'm just really happy and excited that she got over all those treatments," said Sophia Osorio. "I'm really proud of her and that she's really strong, and she can do anything."

Richani said the celebration did not end with the flash mob. After heading home for a family meal, he took Salma to Toys "R" Us for a treat.

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