Girl, 6, Survives Fall 13-Feet Onto Car

A little girl who was bouncing on a bunk bed flew out of a top-floor window but was saved from horrific injuries by her family's parked car, The (Sydney) Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

Six-year-old Ruby Wiegold fell backwards against an open window and the screen gave way as she jumped around at home in Casula, Sydney.

She plunged 13 feet, landing on her mom's minivan roof which appears to have broken her fall.

Her mother Mandy Wiegold said she had parked the vehicle in a different position to normal, which meant it was beneath the window as Ruby fell.

Wiegold said she thinks Ruby literally bounced onto the car's roof, before rolling off onto the concrete driveway, where she found her lying face down.

"My heart stopped … her mouth was full of blood, but the minute I said her name, she jumped up and started hugging me," Wiegold said.

Ruby was rushed by ambulance to the Westmead Children's Hospital, where doctors discovered a small fracture to her skull.

But Monday, only 24 hours after the fall, the little girl was much better, and jumping around on her hospital bed.

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