Fecal Matter Found on 72 Percent of Grocery Carts

The next time you head to the grocery store, you might want to arm yourself with some antibacterial wipes, and maybe some disposable gloves before you grab a shopping cart.

That’s because those carts are actually dirtier than a public bathroom, according to researchers at the University of Arizona, who swabbed the handles of 85 carts in four states looking for bacterial contamination, USA Today reported.

In the end, they found 72 percent of the carts had a positive marker for fecal matter, and 50 percent had E. coli.

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Researchers said they found more fecal matter on the shopping cart handles than a typical bathroom due to the fact that bathrooms are disinfected more often than these carts.

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The lead researcher, professor Charles Gerba, also recommends that shoppers keep a close-eye on those reusable shopping bags because they can become what he calls a “bacterial swamp.”

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