Rebekah Aversano was meeting Richard Norris for the first time, but she had seen his face before — on her brother.

After Aversano’s brother, Joshua, was tragically killed in a car accident in 2012, their family made a decision that changed Norris’ life.

Norris, 39, had been horribly disfigured 15 years earlier in a shotgun accident that blew away his lips, teeth, nose and much of his upper and lower jaws.

Norris had volunteered for a risky and ground-breaking transplant surgery.

Three years ago, Aversano’s family gave him Joshua’s face.

“Do you mind if I touch it?’’ Aversano said when they met at Norris’ Virginia home for the first time in a one-on-one recorded by “60 Minutes Australia.”

“No, not all all,” Norris said.

“Wow,’’ she said after stroking his new cheek. “This is the face I grew up with.”

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