Want to cut calories but don't want to overhaul your diet to do it? We've got 10 easy nutritionist-approved food swaps from nutrition blogger and registered dietician (RD), Sarah-Jane Bedwell.

1. Swap: Ranch dressing for hummus


This is a big one: You'll save 150 calories per serving and get a nice hit of fiber. And thanks to the myriad flavors of store-bought hummus available, you won't miss Ranch's tangy bite one bit.

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2. Swap: Potato chips for crinkle-cut carrots


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Hear us out! If you love crinkle-cut potato chips, consider the same cut of carrots. They've got the crunch but with way more bennies (fiber, Vitamin A) and way fewer calories (147 fewer per one-ounce serving!). Find them in the produce section.

3. Swap: Sour cream for plain nonfat Greek yogurt


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You'll get that delicious creamy texture with more protein and 100 fewer calories per serving. Done!

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4. Swap: Pasta for spaghetti squash


There's nothing wrong with a pasta dish (especially whole-grain pasta). But every once in awhile, it's worth subbing in spaghetti squash for regular noodles. You'll get fiber and beta carotene in spades—and save 130 calories per serving (1 cup).

5. Swap: Regular whole wheat bread for whole wheat sandwich thins



This couldn't be easier—and you'll save about 40 calories per sandwich.

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6. Swap: Cheese on a sandwich for 1/4 avocado



For your next turkey 'wich, skip the Swiss and stack on avocado. You'll save 35 calories and get heart-healthy fats (as opposed to saturated ones), plus potassium and Vitamin E.

7. Swap: Pepperoni for chicken sausage


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Chicken sausage has less than half the fat of regular pepperoni. You'll save about 85 calories per ounce—and still get all that savory flavor.

This article originally appeared on Self.com.