Dr. Manny: St. Patrick’s Day is more about being green— it’s about celebrating our values

Over the years, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations across America have turned into a feast of excessive beer consumption and wearing green. While it can be a time where families come together and celebrate this annual ritual, I think we have also forgotten that we’re celebrating a man— the patron saint of Ireland — St. Patrick.

After all, this great feast should also include some understanding of who St. Patrick was. Here’s just a brief history: He was born in Scotland around 385, captured at age of 14 and taken as a slave to Ireland, which at that time was ruled by Pagans. Throughout his teenage years in captivity, it was prayer and his faith in God that kept him going. He eventually escaped, went back to Britain and rejoined his family, where his passion for the Lord led him to study for the priesthood.

In the year 433, he returned to Ireland as a bishop and because of his vision and faith, converted the leaders of the tribes into Christians. He died a humble man, never losing his faith and learning from all the miracles that God provided. He led by example.

This is why this St. Patrick’s Day, more than ever, it’s clear to me that we should all be looking at how we are conducting our lives. The hatred and fear must be corrected by placing our trust in God. The falsehood of others must be changed and we must demand that America become what it once was— a country of order, respect and principle.

A country where the principle core of our lives was once related to taking care of our families and the country and its leadership respected those values. Where families were proud to be Americans, no matter where they came from.

You see, St. Patrick did that in Ireland— he brought the people together. And it seems that our leaders and people in high places, are only tearing us apart. This is why, as we celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day, I urge you to remember how it was through his trust in God, that St. Patrick was able to combine what he stood for with his love for Ireland and work to lead his country by example.