Dr. Manny: America, stop turning to social media for information on ObamaCare

Ever since the government’s partial shutdown and the official rollout of ObamaCare, many pundits in favor of the Affordable Care Act have taken to social media to promote their agenda. While Washington and the nation are too busy wondering about what’s going to happen with the budget deal, these folks are having a field day trying to persuade young Americans to take advantage of ObamaCare through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

People used to go to doctors, nurses and counselors – experts who clearly understand the health risks American families face – to get information about health care. Now, I guess social media is the new way that Americans are going to get informed about their health care choices.

As ObamaCare enrollment continues, the folks in charge of informing Americans about health care are politically biased individuals who don’t necessarily care about or understand health care issues, but rather simply want to promote a progressive agenda of a socialized America.

Among the left-wing organizations promoting ObamaCare is Southern United Neighborhoods, a  group founded by former members of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). ACORN was disbanded in 2009 after being caught allegedly counseling clients on how to cheat on their taxes, and the group was subsequently banned from receiving tax payer funds.

According to an earlier report from FoxNews.com, Southern United Neighborhoods received a grant of $486,123 to help promote ObamaCare.  Within the past month, a Facebook page using the organization’s name has promoted information to its followers about the Affordable Care Act. Despite the funding they are receiving, the group’s presumed Facebook page only has 21 ‘Likes.’

Meanwhile, a slew of celebrities have been busy promoting ObamaCare on Twitter and Instagram, posting pictures in which they hold signs bearing the phrase #getcovered. Unfortunately, it took Lady Gaga multiple attempts before she even managed to post the correct URL for healthcare.gov.  Is this where you want to be getting your information about health care?

Relying on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to figure out what type of health care is best for you and your family is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Wake, up America. Rather than read a 140 character message about health care on your phone, spend some time learning the facts from reliable sources and check in with your doctor.