Dog to be fitted with prosthetic limbs after lawnmower accident

A stray dog that lost two legs in a lawnmower accident is being given a new lease on life through a series of groundbreaking operations that will see her walk on 3-D printed limbs. Shila, 2, lost her legs six months ago in Poland, Central European News Agency (CEN) reported.

The accident left her unable to walk properly, and veterinarians diagnosed her with pneumonia and discovered that she was pregnant. After making an online plea, vets raised enough money to save Shila and the puppies, and finance the surgeries.

Vets will implant titanium components into her remaining bones on the injured legs to hold the 3-D limb, and they then will use her own stem cells to help speed the healing process, CEN reported. Shila reportedly underwent the first surgery, which took about three hours. Vets plan to fit her with implants in four to five weeks, CEN reported.

“We will gradually add other elements into the end prosthesis to lengthen the legs,” Michael Stelmaszek, a vet working on Shila, told CEN.

Vets predict to see results within six months.