The owners of a Florida sign company who saw a father’s campaign for traffic signs to warn speeding drivers that an autistic child lives and plays in the area has donated special markers to help him in his quest. Chris Jaymes, who started a petition on Change.org in honor of his son, Grayson, wrote on Facebook that the signs indicate “victory is in sight.”

Jaymes, who had placed handmade signs to warn drivers previously, said his 3-year-old son doesn’t respond to or understand verbal commands, Fox 13 News reported.


“For me to say, ‘Stop. Don’t go any further,’ when he’s going toward the road, he doesn’t get the gist of that,” Jaymes told Fox 13 News.

He placed a call to Citrus County officials who directed him to the Department of Transportation, which prompted him to start his petition to push for change on a national level.

“A lot of these kids don’t have voices, and if it takes a parent like myself to voice for them, then I’m giving them a voice to make something happen,” Jaymes told the news outlet.


His campaign has reached local media outlets, which is where the owners of Alpha & Omega Signs learned of it. They created a large “autistic child in area” sign with two additional signs that can be placed in the neighborhood.

“A special donation arrived this AM!!!” Jaymes wrote in a July 8 Facebook post. “Thank you so much!!! Alpha & Omega Signs! The victory is in sight I have faith, this is just round 1 of many!”

Jaymes’ petition on Change.org is less than 500 signatures away from its 1,500 goal.