When Breanne Martinez was robbed, her first concern was not being able to purchase medicine for her son. Now, her Stockton, Calif., community is opening their wallets to support the family.

Martinez’s 2-year-old son Mason was recently diagnosed with a heart condition and requires medication, which costs $400 after insurance. It was not specified whether that is the cost for a month or for a longer period of time.

“(His heart) doesn't pump enough blood to the rest of his body,” Martinez told KCRA. “I feel it's my fault because I have a heart condition as well, and I passed it along to him."

Martinez had $510 in case, along with her ID and insurance cards, in her wallet when it was stolen. She said she left it next to the checkout to put Mason in his car seat.

"I cried in the middle of WinCo because I'm just thinking of all the things I'm not going to be able to provide for my son this month,” Martinez told KCRA.

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After the story aired on KCRA, Martinez received $400 in donations toward Mason’s medication.

Martinez hopes the thief will do the right thing.

“Winco is open 24 hours,” she told KCRA. “Turn it in, no questions asked.”