Friends and family are trying to help out the 15 year-old victim of a hit-and-run who could end up getting deported from the country. She was severely injured after she was hit by a car. The family has no insurance, and the hospital can’t continue long term care, myFOXphoenix reported.

To make things more complicated—the family is here illegally.

Friends held a car wash Sunday morning for Victoria Rendon, a Caesar Chavez High School student who has been in St. Joseph's Hospital for three weeks.

Victoria was hit by a car while crossing the street. She is still unable to speak and unable to walk. Her future is completely in doubt.

"She had a brain injury that's really critical and she can't move her left side," said sister Tania Rendon.

St. Joseph's Hospital told the family they would have to find long term care for Victoria or she would have to be returned to Mexico.  She will likely only be in the hospital for the next two or three days, according to myFOXphoenix.

The hospital issued this statement: "St. Joseph's will only consider a transfer outside of the state when there are no other options available to the patient to long-term care in Arizona and when the patient is eligible to receive such care through the health insurance program in their home state or country."

The family said they don't blame the hospital.

"Well, I would love for them to keep her here longer and give her the attention she needs but I understand that they are doing what they have to do," said her mother [translated from Spanish]. "God has placed love in my heart for everyone, so I don't blame anybody."

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