California Boy, 4, Battling Undiagnosable Condition

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Internal bleeding, recurring sores, asthma and fevers up to 106 degrees – these are just a few of the health issues Reece LoCiero has been facing since he was 10-months-old.

The California boy, now 4, suffers from a condition that has completely perplexed doctors, and no matter how many tests, biopsies and scans they perform, they cannot pinpoint what is exactly causing Reece to be sick, the Glendale News-Press reported.

"He practically lived in a hospital the first years of his life," Reece's mom, Natalia LoCicero, told the newspaper. "It's been a roller coaster."

But doctors at Los Angeles Childrens Hospital are hoping a new test, involving Reece swallowing a small camera that takes thousands of pictures as it makes its way through his system, will shed some light on what is causing all these symptoms.

They expect test results to be available in the next couple of days.

"At this point, we're kind of at a loss," Dr. Byrnie Collins, a gastroenterologist at the hospital said.

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