Caged in: Man's extreme measure to quit smoking

A man who has smoked two packets of cigarettes a day for 26 years is so desperate to stop smoking that he's resorted to wearing a cage on his head.

Ibrahim Yucel has tried several times to kick the habit but without success and is wearing the helmet-like cage in a last-ditch attempt to quit smoking for good. He told Hurriyet Daily News he came up with the unusual idea after watching motorbike riders wearing helmets.

He realized he had to wear something on his head so he could not physically bring a cigarette to his lips, and now has the locked cage on his head every day. The 42-year-old, from Kütahya, Turkey, even gives the keys to the cage to his wife and daughter so he's not tempted to remove it.

Mr Yucel said he had wanted to kick the habit several times, especially as his father had died from lung cancer several years ago.

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