Three Ottawa bus drivers helped deliver their colleague's baby after they arrived at the hospital to visit her and she suddenly went into labor.

Naomi Phillips had been told by her doctor at Ottawa Hospital that her baby wouldn't be born for some time.

"It was very, very fast," Phillips told The Ottawa Citizen. "They [the doctors] thought they had more time."

Instead, Phillips' bus driver friends—Sylvie Cloutier, Heather Kerwin and Judy MacDonald—helped deliver her baby girl, Nora, on Sunday morning after a whirlwind 30-minute labor.

"It was the most beautiful way for her to have a baby, surrounded by her friends," Cloutier said.

The three women had called for a doctor or a nurse but before either had a chance to arrive Phillips' baby was born—luckily without any complications.

The baby is Phillips' fourth child.

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