BurnThis App: Share fitness photos to stay motivated

It’s easy to feel unmotivated to hit the gym and eat healthy. In fact, studies suggest that 50 percent of people starting an exercise program will drop out within the first 6 months.

When prime motivators like weight loss doesn’t seem to be enough, some people are turning to social media to find the “fitspiration” they need.

A new app called BurnThis is providing a free social network for health and fitness fans. Similar to a Facebook or Pinterest feed, users can share uplifting photos on its "fitness" wall to stay motivated. The company encourages users to post pictures of their workouts, healthy recipes and any kind of inspirational images.

“I love this app! From fitness to recipe and meal ideas, this is an incredible way to get people motivated in a fun, engaging way,” Cristina Costa a fitness enthusiast and Zumba Instructor in Connecticut told FoxNews.com.

The app also allows users to follow fitness “influencers” to help push you to make healthy choices whenever you need encouragement.

"People are motivated to exercise and stay healthy because they find a safe, supportive community of like-minded individuals who cheer each other on, inspire each other to be their healthiest selves and share the best fitness and health tips in a fun and easy way that is addictive and fun," Monica Johnson, co-owner of BurnThis told FoxNews.com.

Another feature in the app includes photo challenges with prizes. For example, submitting a photo with a branded hash-tag assigned to a certain challenge could win you gift certificates or fitness swag.

Using social platforms may help you meet your fitness goals, but technology is only a tool and in the end it won’t drag you out of bed and to the gym.

For more information go to BurnThis.com.