Broga: A new type of yoga for men

Move over Vinyasa and Bikram, there’s a new type of yoga in town: Broga.

Broga classes are popping up throughout the country – and they’re specifically geared towards men.

“We're here to exercise, we're here to feel good. There's no chanting, there's nothing kind of overt about it,” said Ryan Farrell, a Broga instructor at Aerial Fitness in Riverhead, N.Y. “You’re exercising with a bunch of other guys. It's all cool.”

Broga combines core-strengthening, muscle toning and cardio with exercises meant to improve flexibility.

“If you tell a guy, ‘With a straight leg, reach down and touch your toes,’ they can only make it mid-thigh, maybe, and they're done,” Farrell said. “A lot of guys... tend to focus on upper body, they will stretch out their arms…but their back carries a lot of tension.”

After attending his first Broga class, 22-year-old Sean Fender declared himself a big fan.

“I've never sweated this much in a yoga class, and I've never had the burn quite as much in the quads and in the core,” Fender said.

Though women are allowed to join in on the Broga classes at Aerial Fitness, Fender said that the mostly male environment made him feel more comfortable.

“Sometimes it can be intimidating with the girls in there that can bend into a pretzel, and you're just sitting there like, ‘Okay...just trying to keep my back straight,’ and trying not to break anything,” Fender said.

Like most traditional yoga classes, Broga is a great way for guys to de-stress and relax.

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