Britain's former 'fattest teen' gains back more than 500 pounds

Three years ago, Georgia Davis, once known as "Britain’s fattest teen," lost 210 pounds at North Carolina’s Wellspring Academy.

But since then, the 19-year-old has gained all her weight back – and then some, reported.


Davis now weighs in at 784 pounds and has been admitted to a London hospital, according to the website. In order to get Davis to the hospital, her mother Lesley had to call the local firemen, who tore down part of the Davis house.

“I was eating out of boredom and to comfort myself when depression set in,” she wrote in her journal, which appeared in The Sun. “After that, something twisted in my head, and I gave up thinking about why I was eating.”

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After attending Wellspring in 2009, she returned to her South Wales home in the U.K. and her mother didn’t even recognize her because she had lost so much weight.

“I had to run up and show her it was me,” she told The Sun at the time. “She just cried and cried.”

Now, Davis has lost the use of her legs. At one point, doctors had told Davis she would only live to the age of 20 because of her severe obesity. When she lost the weight, they told her she could live to the age of 80.

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