Boy’s mystery illness leaves him unable to blink

The ability to blink is something we all take for granted. But for one 3-year-old Oregon boy, it’s just one in a series of mysterious problems that led his family to seek treatment at the renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

Corban Durant has a heart defect, liver-lung disorder and neuropathy in his legs. He shouldn’t be able to walk, but he does – and he’s also unable to blink on his own.

According to ABC News affiliate KOMO-TV in Seattle, Durant had 86 doctors’ appointments in the first 10 months of his life but doctors have been unable to pinpoint the root of his problems.

His family now hopes to go to the Mayo Clinic, at the cost of $20,000. The hospital also requires a $9,622 down payment and the family has set up a fundraising page on in order to raise money for his initial consultation.

"We're really hoping for a diagnosis, an overall diagnosis of his condition, so that we are able to care for him the best that we can and help prolong his life and make it full," his mother, Natasha Durant, told KOMO-TV.

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