A 3-year-old boy from the U.K. has such severe allergies, he is essentially allergic to Christmas, the Daily Mail reported.

It’s a dangerous time of the year for little Charlie Smith, who can’t eat nuts or be near a real Christmas tree without potentially fatal consequences. He also suffers from eczema, which can be exacerbated by colder temperatures.

“Charlie’s allergies and asthma mean that Christmas is a dangerous time of the year,” said his mother, Jo Smith. “We have to be careful to keep him safe all year, but particularly now.”

Even an artificial tree could gather dust and cause Charlie to become sick, she said.

“People buy us boxes of chocolate without thinking about it . . .I have to be sure to buy chocolate that doesn’t have nuts in it,” Smith said.

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Jo and her husband carry antihistamines and EpiPens at all times.

“We had to clear the house of everything that might affect him,” Smith said.

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