Boston Marathon survivor ‘breaks up’ with severely injured left leg

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

That’s the sentiment a Boston Marathon survivor feels for her left leg, which she has decided to amputate after undergoing 17 surgeries, reported.

According to the Boston Globe, doctors presented other treatments, but Rebekah Dimartino, of Texas, opted for the amputation as a way to help put the bombing behind her. The 27-year-old mother was a spectator at the 2013 Boston Marathon when one of the two bombs went off about 10 feet away from her and severely injured her leg.

Dimartino says amputation isn’t a last resort, but instead a new beginning. She is taking on this next challenge with humor and hope.
On Sunday, she posted a break-up letter on Facebook that included a picture of her leg with the words "It's not you, it's me" written across it. Rebekah wrote that she's disappointed that the efforts to save her leg failed, but that she's relieved and excited to finally start the process of a full recovery.
According to Dimartino’s Facebook page, the procedure went well and she is on the mend. Doctors at a hospital near Houston, where Dimartino lives with her son and new husband, performed the surgery. The two married just before the one-year anniversary of the marathon bombing.

"I want everyone to know this is not a sad thing," Dimartino wrote to FOX 25. "This is a new beginning for my family and I.”

Dimartino said that she didn't spend the weekend mourning the loss of her leg, but instead spent it celebrating all of the things that she'll be able to do when she gets her new prosthetic leg, which she calls "Rebekah Unleashed." Dimartino added that she has such a different appreciation for her legs and for life— and that she's ready to take on the world.

"The last 18 months have been full of pain and limitations,” she said, "but it has also been a time where through my lengthy recovery, I have been able to encourage others through my obstacles. “

"That's the best part, and what we are put on this earth to do: Help each other through this crazy, messy, beautiful life," Dimartino added.

She said she will continue to be Boston Strong.

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