A British mom whose baby girl was born with a massive birthmark that covers 90 percent of her body says her daughter is “completely unique” and “beautiful” despite the occasional rude comments from strangers.

Lacey-Dee Barrett, now 10 months old, was born with what’s known as a “port-wine stain” covering nearly her entire body. These birthmarks, which are typically harmless, are caused by issues with capillaries, or small, usually narrow, blood vessels. But in port wine stains, “they are overly dilated allowing blood to collect in them. This collection of blood is what gives port-wine stains their distinctive color,” states Healthline.

One report estimates three in 1,000 babies are born with the condition.


Lacey-Dee Barrett, 10 months, and mom Sara Farrow. (SWNS)

Speaking to South West News Service (SWNS), a British news agency, mom Sara Farrow, 27, said Lacey-Dee’s birthmark fully appeared just hours after her birth in April.

“It was only on her chest at first and we thought it might be bruising,” she said. “But after a couple of hours, her whole body turned purple and blue.”

Lacey-Dee Barrett, at 6 weeks. (SWNS)

“It was a real shock, to be honest,” she continued.

Since the birthmark resembles bruising, Farrow claims strangers would sometimes approach her and ask questions or make comments.

The birthmark covers 90 percent of her body, according to her mom. (SWNS)

"I was scared of what people would think of me as a [mom]. People have said she looks diseased and have asked what’s wrong with her face,” said Farrow. “One person asked [if she is] allergic to the washing powder I use. People think there is something really wrong with her.

“She is completely unique and it’s just how she is,” she added.

Lacey-Dee Barrett at 7 months old. (SWNS)

Still, the mom claims she at first covered her daughter in long sleeves and blankets when in public to hide the birthmark and avoid questions. She also admitted to using filters on photos of her daughter for the same reason.

Next month, the pair will reportedly meet with specialists to review potential treatments.

“As her [mom], obviously I am not bothered [by] her appearance. But I was scared about what other people would think,” she said. "But it got to the point where I didn't want her to look back on baby photos and see I wasn't confident enough or I was embarrassed.

Lacey-Dee Barrett, aged 3 weeks. (SWNS)

"I had to get brave for her sake as much as mine. I had to come to terms with it,” she added.


Though some dermatologists have reportedly told the mom Lacey-Dee’s port-wine stain is the “most extensive case” they’ve seen, “It makes her who she is and for me now it would be strange to see her without the birthmarks,” said Farrow.

“I think she is beautiful and [I] love how she looks.”