Andre Nasr, once nicknamed “Australia’s fattest man,”  revealed on a nationwide broadcast Sunday night that he had lost nearly half of his body weight through dieting and exercise. Once consuming about 12,000 calories a day, Nasr dropped about 439 pounds and now weighs 593 pounds, news.com.au reported. At his heaviest, at age 35, he weighed about 1,032 pounds.

Nasr told “Sunday Night” that he lost the weight in about  year through “a lot of hard work” with the help of obesity specialist Dr. Nic Kormas. Nasr’s illness— which once caused him to spend 14 months in the hospital with a life-threatening infection— stemmed from a childhood addiction to food that was enabled by his parents.

“Now I want to live, I want to enjoy life,” Nasr told the Australian news program.

According to news.com.au, Nasir said during the broadcast that he now has a “love-hate relationship” with food, but he plans to continue shedding pounds to reach his goal weight of about 260 pounds.

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