A 1-year-old Yuma, Ariz., girl who received part of her mother's liver in a rare adult-to-child transplant will finally get to go home.

Aliyah Negrete is scheduled to be discharged Wednesday afternoon from The University of Arizona Medical Center in Tucson after recovering from the March 20 transplant.

Surgeons are calling the procedure the state's first living donor liver transplant between an adult and a pediatric patient.

Twenty-six year old Vanessa Negrete and her daughter went through operations simultaneously. Vanessa was released a week after the surgery.

At age 2 and-a-half-months, Aliyah was diagnosed with a rare and incurable congenital condition that affected her liver's ability to function. The condition led to her having cirrhosis and jaundice.

Doctors say both mother and daughter are doing well.