Are Latinos the Hail Mary pass that ObamaCare needs to succeed?

This week I have listened to Secretary Sebellius and the president sink deeper and deeper into their own disinformation concerning ObamaCare and its website.  Today, during the Senate hearing, Sebellius announced that the Spanish website for ObamaCare is not ready for launch, and that it needs significant testing before it can go online.

Now, we all know the debacle that has become the English website, which has revealed how inefficient this health care rollout can be.

So I’m wondering, are Latinos going to throw a lifeline to President Obama? To me, that question will be answered when we look at the statistics of how many people have actually enrolled in the government exchanges.  Of course, those numbers continue to be misrepresented and skewed by Sebellius every time she’s asked about them.

One thing we know for certain is that the Democrats have been counting on substantial Latino enrollment in ObamaCare, in order to justify the success of the project. They count on this demographic because there are many Latinos who are in need of health insurance and who qualify for the subsidies the government is putting on the table.

This all relates to the global agenda of President Obama, which is to create a culture of dependency on the federal government.

I have received many negative comments from other Latinos condemning me for being an unjust critic of this program and not wanting to help out the Hispanic population.  My response to all of them is that it does not matter what race or color you are.  This country was founded on the idea that individuals should take responsibility for themselves.  Yes, all immigrants such as myself may have received help from our government at one point in our lifetimes.  But the purpose of this help was to support us in starting our own engines so that we could eventually build our own lives and futures without needing the assistance of federal handouts.

Health care welfare is wrong.  It cannot be a permanent solution to the growth of this country.  I want people to have access to hospitals and doctors, but when people start to rely on the government to live, they ultimately become addicted to federal aid and end up falling into a vicious cycle of needing others to solve their problems for them.

I want people to grow and become independent of the government’s help.  That way, their children will receive the resources they need from their family, and not their politicians. That is what will transform our country into a better nation.