Anti-gravity cocooning class offers creative introduction to meditation

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Meditation has hit the mainstream, with celebrities and athletes singing its praises. But what about those people who swear they just can’t meditate?

Crunch Gym in New York City might have the solution— AntiGravity Coccooning.

“It’s like naptime for adults so it gives you some time to just let everything go, fall into the hammock, and let gravity take over and just rest,” said Justin Flexen, regional group fitness manager at Crunch Gym.

The 45-minute session allows students to step out of their hectic lives and into a hammock. The class includes stretches and some guided meditations, but it’s not just about relaxation and recharging.

“It’s definitely great for a post-workout recovery. If you’re into lifting weights, if you’re a runner, we do go through a series of stretches so that helps with that active recovery,” Flexen said.

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Participant Kristyna Kane said scheduling downtime helps her unwind.

“It’s hard to carve out that time to bring the body and your mind down,” Kane, a creative director, said.

AntiGravity Cocooning fans say when you leave the class, you take the calm with you.

“When you go outside, you go back to the rush of New York City life, which is pretty crazy, but you go at it [at] a little slower pace,” student Annette Rodriguez, a fitness instructor, said. “You’ve gotten 45 minutes to kind of take it easy, take a deep breath, and you can finish tackling what you need to tackle, which is great.”