Sunday is Mother's Day, and every year, I make sure to take the time to thank God for the mother he assigned to me.

I am one of nine children. She handled everything herself. She had no domestic help of any kind, but still kept a beautiful home and somehow managed to make a fabulous meal for us for dinner. We always ate a salad, meat and vegetables...all healthy.

As a kid, I had no idea what a super woman she was until one night when I was about 11. I came downstairs to get something to drink around midnight, and my mom was sitting at the the kitchen table. She looked exhausted.

She was folding cloth diapers. I said, "Mom, you have to go to bed." She responded, "I have to clean diapers for the little ones in the morning."

That blew my mind, and from that moment forward I knew what an incredible mom I had. She was always working, always putting her children first.

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Of course, our Mother's Day E-cards are back, too.  Go to the Noreen Fraser Foundation website and you can send free video E-cards from your favorite celebrities like Will Ferrell, Kim Kardashian, Sarah Silverman, Russell Brand, Neil Patrick Harris and more.

Happy Mother's Day to my extraordinary mother, Jackie Friend. I love you, Mom.