Alzheimer's Rapid Test? Ohio University Develops Test To Detect Early Signs Of Dementia

DENVER – Every 70 seconds, someone in the U.S. develops Alzheimer’s disease.

New breakthroughs are bringing hope, including a test you can take at home to determine whether you may be developing the disease.

Researchers say the key to treating the disease is learning more about how it develops.

A new test developed at Ohio State University can detect early signs of dementia. The test works by asking the patient a series of memory questions and exercises.

It’s taken five years to develop the test. It can be downloaded by patients and completed in 15 minutes at home. After your doctor will analyze the results.

Researchers around the world, including the University of Colorado Anscheutz Medical Campus, have been following the development of this test.

“Medication (and) sleep problems can lead to problems with memory or thinking so you can eliminate that,” said Dr. Victoria Pelak of the CU School Of Medicine.

Researchers are also testing a nasal spray that is showing promise.

Many Alzheimer’s patients have areas in their brain that are resistant to insulin, which regulates your body’s blood sugar.

The spray would deliver insulin directly to the brain, improving its function.

These new developments will make a difference for generations to come. Identifying symptoms in the earlier stages can help families plan for the necessary, and often costly, care that lies ahead.

The annual cost of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s is roughly $57,000 on average.

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