I am sitting at my doctor’s office waiting to be called for chemotherapy.  Just another day in 'paradise.'

I shouldn't joke, because California is paradise, whether or not the Chemotherapy Center at UCLA Hospital is paradise is debatable.  Two more chemo sessions, and then a scan of my liver will determine if I get time off for 'good behavior.'

I have developed an evil new side effect called neuropathy.  Now I know what was gripping my legs like a vise in recent weeks.  This week, I only had one day (today) without pain.   The side effects from Abraxane are cumulative, the more you take, the fewer pain-free days.  So, I have to buck-up for 2 weeks and believe I can endure anything.  

The rotation continues of my loving family members coming to visit.  My Dad went home today after being with me for 10 days. I don't know how my dog Bear will get along without him.  Dad fed and walked the dog three times a day. Thanks, Dad.

My sister Cooper left a couple of days ago and that was hard.  For two weeks, she cooked me three meals a day, always making sure I was drinking enough water.  Before she left, she froze dozens of fresh organic muffins which she had labored over for hours.

Today, my sister Laura arrived from New York.  She's already prepared fresh juices for me, and is sitting next to me as I write, waiting to be called for chemo. What a wonderful family! My two brothers are running the Sacramento marathon this fall on my behalf and have set up a website for donations to my Foundation.  OK, enough bragging—suffice it to say: I am blessed.

So, here I go, off to chemo.

Noreen Fraser is living with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. She is co-founder of STAND UP TO